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The new adhesive brace made by 3TO

With the new PODOSTRIPE® glue-on brace, it is now even easier for a practitioner to free their patients from pain and discomfort. PODOSTRIPE® glue-on brace therapy establishes healthy nail growth. By lifting an ingrown nail immediately, the PODOSTRIPE® brace can provide immediate pain relief and thus a spontaneous improvement in the general condition of the patient.

The patented technology of PODOSTRIPE® combines all advantages of modern Orthonyxia in one product: user friendly handling and maximum hold on all nails. Due to the soft material the brace can be used on all nail shapes.  It can be used in nearly all cases involving deformed, painful ingrown and involuted nails.  

It is also suitable for the cosmetic correction of deformed nails and for use on diabetics. PODOSTRIPE® is therefore suitable for experienced professionals as well as for beginners. In addition, Podostripe guarantees immediate pain relief for the patient and is nearly invisible.




Benefits for patients

  • Immideate pain relief
  • Barely visible on the nail
  • No impairment in everyday life
  • Fast treatment - no waiting times
  • Eliminates the cause of the discomfort
  • Nail plate, nail bed and nail fold remain intact
  • Rounded corners and edges – no stress in the nail fold

Benefits for therapists

  • Easy handling
  • Suitable for diabetics / at risk patients / children
  • Fast treatment (during regular foot care treatment)
  • Soft material is suitable for all nail shapes - even for rolled or angular nails
  • Available in three sizes
  • Customer loyalty through regular appointments



Flat look and soft edges for high wearing comfort
The slightly transparent plastic stripe conforms to the nail surface and lies flat. Subsequent coverage of the clamping area is not required. The rounded edges of the clamps pre-vent irritation of the nail fold.

Pain-free by immediate relief
With this new brace, all patients with ingrown, convoluted and deformed nails can be helped quickly and with-out problems. Also risk patients and children. It brings immediate pain re-lief and a lasting treatment success. And the application is as easy as gluing a patch.

Also for angular and curled nails
Since the material of the PO-DOSTRIPE® is soft, the brace can easily be applied to convoluted nails. Edges and strongly curved nails are now no longer an barrier for adhesive technology.

Permanently active effect
The PODOSTRIPE® brace is at-tached to the nail and activated in two easy steps. Like a strained rubber band, it creates a force that slightly raises the nail edge and frees the pa-tient very quickly from his pain. The stretched brace retains its clamping force and remains active until the re-move or exchange (every 3-6 weeks).



Product Code

(Includes: 6 small, 6 medium, 6 large braces, Glue, Nippers)


Brace Small - 8 pcs


Brace Medium - 8 pcs


Brace Large - 8 pcs