We're moving! In May we will be making the switch to our new website. Please register an account at new.myvp.ca to begin using our new customer portal.

Que:  How can I establish an account with you?

Ans:  We ask that you please complete the registration on our website.  Once an account has been established we will contact you with details.

Que:  How can I make payments?

Ans:  We accept payment by various methods, as outlined below,
(1)  Payment via EFT
The details for Electronic Transfer of funds are as follows:
Bank: 003
Transit #: 04662
Account No: 1018308
Phone: (519) 426-0046
→ Please forward your remittance advice to kerih@orthovp.com
(2)  Payment via Credit Card
Vittoria Phoenix accepts Visa or MasterCard.
Please contact any one of our Credit Representatives at: 1-(800) 563-1296 and they will be happy to assist.
(3)  Payment sent via Cheque
Vittoria Phoenix inc
PO Box 10
Vittoria, ON  N0E 1W0